Tips for dressing your family

It's hard enough to get a family dressed and out the door, much less looking your best! So here's some tips to help you decide what everyone should wear.

  1. Coordinate. Start by picking a color palette. Consider what colors suit the season. Mix warm & cool colors. Throw in some neutrals. Have a variety of light, medium and dark tones. No two people should look the same, avoid being matchy-matchy.
  2. Layers & Textures. Adding layers like vests, jackets, tights will create dimension and interest. Mix up little prints, big prints, floral, stripes, plaid. Throw in textures like lace or corduroy, and of course some solids.
  3. Accessories. Hats and headbands for girls is always adorable. Make a statement with jewelry, belts, suspenders, knee socks. Don't forget about the shoes (unless you go with the barefoot look). Sandals, boots, slides will look better than tennis shoes.
  4. Style & Select is a FREE styling service that all of my clients can use. Just enter your family member's genders and sizes along with a few colors. In seconds they show you tons of options to play around with. You can use items you already own or shop online through the links (so you never have to leave your house). To be honest, I use this to find clothes for my family for fun. You received my password in your guide when you booked a session.
  5. Browse my Client Closet to borrow items for moms & kids (link in your guide). I keep these pieces in my studio for your use.

It's very helpful to lay all the clothes out and take a photo. Feel free to send me photos to review.

For inspiration, here are some beautifully coordinated outfit combinations.