Things I can't live without.

Being a one woman show can be overwhelming but with the help of technology, not only are my daily tasks simplified, saving me time, but my client experience is also improved.

-Pixieset. This is my mothership. I started using Pixieset years ago to deliver client galleries, and now they've added beautiful, user friendly websites, and a Studio Manager. I can book sessions, send documents like contracts, invoices, and questionnaires. Clients can download their galleries and order products. And my website was created from one of their lovely and easy to customize templates. Here is my referral link, you will receive 250 MB in bonus storage.

-Flodesk. "Design emails people love to open" is their tagline. I use Flodesk to send newsletters to my subscribers. This program is easy to use and their designs are clean. A few times a year I open up mini sessions or have an announcement and I know not everyone is on social media. Get 50% off your first year.

-Planoly. "Simplify Social Marketing" with Planoly. Pre-plan & schedule your social media posts & stories. It automatically posts your content for you. Here is my referral link.

-PhotoMechanic. I'll admit I'm an over shooter. With PhotoMechanic I can quickly narrow 500 photos to the best 100. You can mark them using colors, stars, flags - whatever works for you.

-Editing: I use Lightroom & presets to batch edit the colors/lighting for proof galleries; which means I edit one photo then paste my settings onto the rest of the session. Huge time saver! Then once finals are selected I open them in Photoshop to remove blemishes, stray hairs, smooth skin, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, remove distracting objects, etc. This part takes time, but makes a huge difference in your photo quality.