RVA has a variety of backgrounds to offer, from urban to rural and everything in between. Plus we get to enjoy the beauty of all 4 seasons. Here's a list of places around town but I am always open to somewhere new. I especially love when it's a sentimental spot for your family, even your home!

If you'd like to see an example of a session at a particular place, just let me know!

*these are my favorites*




*Browns Island

*Historic Tredegar

*Libby Hill Park

Carillon/Dogwood Dell

Chimborazo Park

Canal Walk

Graffiti Murals

Grace Street Park

Great Shiplock Park

Downtown Ashland

Main Street Station


*Roslyn Retreat Center $25

U of R

Bandy Field

Deep Run Park

Wellesley Lake

Echo Lake Park

*Meadow Farm/Crump Park

Cheswick Park

Forest Hill Park

Midlothian Mines

Robious Landing


*Appomattox Manor & beach

*Roslyn Retreat Center $25

*Brown's Island

Pony Pasture

Belle Isle

Cheswick Park

Echo Lake Park

Beaver Dam Battlefield

Tucker Park



*Totopotomoy Battlefield

*Tuckahoe Plantation $50

*Westover Plantation $50

Seven Springs Farm $75